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Welcome to Baklawa King Online Shop

Welcome to Baklawa King

"There are no shortcuts to quality!"

At Baklawa King we pride ourselves on offering our customers only the finest, freshest most tantalizingly decadent sweets possible. The rich and old tradition employed for centuries to create the delicate layers of pastry awash in honey and filled with mouth-watering delicacies has been honed to perfection and tweaked just enough to help us keep pace with the demands of today’s modern palate.

Baklawa King’s reputation and business have grown through the years because we have managed to continue providing the same kind of “home-made” taste and quality to all of our freshly prepared treats. Every one of our menu items is made daily, just as you would at home. In order to ensure that every pastry is the tastiest, most delicious to be found anywhere in the city, we adhere to stringent guidelines when it comes to ingredients, preparation and presentation. Every detail must be perfect in order to advance and promote our company’s desire to offer the best Baklawa in the province.

How we got started

Baklawa King was the dream of owner Chadi El-Kheir from when he first started in the business. El-Kheir worked in numerous renowned bakeries and pastry shops where he learned the secrets of baklawa creation from the chefs who themselves were continuing a centuries old tradition. Absorbing the art from the biggest names in Middle Eastern baking, Chadi finally brought all of that knowledge with him to Mississauga in 2005 where he founded Baklawa King – which is now considered the city’s pre-eminent Middle Eastern pastry shop.

Our Ingredients

Only the best ingredients on the market are good enough to be used in each Baklawa King pastry. Real clarified butter, California nuts, Jordan walnuts, Brazilian cashews, Canadian flour and pistachios imported from Turkey are all combined in just the right amounts using the same ancient recipes perfected over generations.

All of our pastries are fresh with no added preservatives.

Our Service

At Baklawa King we greet each customer with a smile and provide them with personalized service so that their experience is always pleasant. However, by interacting and getting to know our customers, we are also able to better tailor our pastries to suit the tastes and preferences of the people we serve. By understanding our customers’ desires we always manage to exceed their expectations!

Baklawa King is also ready to cater all of your family celebrations and/or business events. We already provide desserts to many of the city’s finest restaurants and would be happy to provide you with desserts that will wow every guest. Whether you are planning a small family dinner, hosting a business conference or organizing a community festival, we are always ready to provide you with fresh platters of succulent treats for your sweet table – no order is too big or too small for our experienced chefs.

We deliver anywhere in Canada. For more information or to place an order please contact us at We will be more than happy to assist you.

Baklawa King Online Shop

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